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Zig-Zagging Dublin – Day 3


Ten Miles

22,000 Steps

We successfully zigged and zagged the vast majority of Dublin and City Center during our third day in the city – covering more ground than even I thought we’d be able to do before prepping for our next city – our day looked a little something like this:

  1. Freshley Chopped for breakfast – smoked salmon avocado toast, quinoa salad, and chicken avocado toast between the three of us

  2. The Book of Kells + the Long Room at the Old Library/Trinity College

  3. The Icon Factory + Icon Walk (a local artists’ coop)

  4. A Dublin Castle tour- although we weren’t allowed to walk up the main staircase, as it had been freshly vacuumed in preparation for Nancy Pelosi’s arrival this week

  5. Lunch – consisting of fish + chips, a power salad, and chicken curry (+ sticky toffee pudding) @ the Ginger Man

  6. Saint Patrick’s Cathedral

  7. Back through to walk in the Dublin Castle Gardens

  8. The original site of Dubh Linn, or the “Black Pool”

  9. A final drink + hug with my local friend @ The Irish Whiskey Museum

  10. Dinner in at the Airbnb via a pitstop at the Fresh Market

  11. Sometimes you just need a night in with some takeout and laundry, even when you’re on vacation

Dublin is one of the most amazing cities to spend time in, as there is a neverending list of options for food and exploration – while I’m always sad to leave and move on, I’m excited for the next time I return to see what else I can discover. I’ll let some of the pictures do the most of this evening’s talking – more to come.

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